Calling All GI Janes: Camo’s A Thing

Ladies and gentlemen: Prints are happening. They’ve been happening for a while. No one batted an eye when animal print was no longer considered a tacky. We all rejoiced when geometric prints came… Continue reading

Midweek Music: Coachella Weekend 1 Style Trends (and a brief rant about overalls)

You already saw my outfits last week, but after gathering TONS of new trend ideas after my Coachella weekend one excursion, I want to talk about one in particular. Overalls. Because our Queen of Trends,… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: I’m “Over All” This Work

1,000 points to Jessy, who came up with this title. Can we for one second talk about the gloriousness that is Prince George? This is a related statement to the post, I promise.… Continue reading

Grumpy Cat Wins…And Other MTV Movie Awards Looks

I’m just going to come clean and tell you right now that no, I did not watch the MTV Movie Awards. Because I’m an adult and it was past my bedtime…wait, what? I’m… Continue reading

Friday Finds: AD Jewelry

My biggest fashion weakness lies in shopping for the right jewelry. So I rarely buy new pieces, and typically stick to some very safe basics. But recently I discovered a local designer who I am really getting… Continue reading

It’s that time of year again: Coachella 2014

And the journey begins tomorrow! Just as Jill goes to China to gain cultural understanding and world experiences, I travel to Coachella. Same thing, right? Okay so climbing the Great Wall and riding a ferris… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Bringing Sexy Back One Strap At a Time…

After Amy was so nice to take over my post as resident Trend Tuesday guinea pig/person in charge of making an ass of herself in public for the sake of a few photos, I… Continue reading

We’re Back and We’re Talking China!

Yes, yes. We’ve been neglecting you. We suck. We know. BUT WE’RE BACK! Now I’m finally caught up in life after going off the grid for a couple of weeks, I can finally… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: This is the Last Time I Freeze this March

This is my final March Trend Tuesday and let me tell you: Don’t go outside nearly naked. Fair warning, it is NOT warm out there. It’s just not worth it. Wait until you see… Continue reading

Is It Too Much For A Woman To Be Successful In Her Own Right?

Oh hey, I’m back from China. Actually, I’ve been back for days now, dealing with jet lag and all of that crazy stuff. Before you ask, yes, there will be a China post… Continue reading