We Need To Talk About…The Fact That We’ve Been Slacking

Yes, Amy and I are well aware that we’ve been slacking at blogging. We’ve both given ourselves D/D- as bloggers. So you know…at least we’re aware. In our defense, summer is a busy… Continue reading

Midweek Music: The Roots

Even if you can’t identify The Roots by name, chances are you’ve been hearing their music in the background for a while now. They create a soulful, jazzy variation of hip-hop that backs up Jimmy Fallon… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Tweed Of The People

Given today’s events, it was between the title I chose and “Trend Tuesday: What’s In the Apple Box?” but I ultimately decided to remain true and not give in to SEO trickery. I’m… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: You Pick

**UPDATE: The people have spoken and September’s trend will be the tweed-patterned dress** I know, I know, I was awful about Trend Tuesday last month. I have a post to make up for… Continue reading

In A Sea Of Red, Well, There’s More Red on the Emmys Red Carpet

Don’t ask me about my Emmys ballot because I’m still sore about it. You CAN ask me about the Emmys red carpet. And the telecast itself – it was actually pretty enjoyable – you… Continue reading

MTV VMA Recap: The Good, The Bad and the 90s Flashbacks

We’re going to do things a little differently this week. You see…the VMAs were last night (which we’re covering today) and for some odd reason, the Emmy Awards are tonight (who else is… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Homegirl Wore Jogging Pants to the Office

Yes, yes, I know I missed posting last week. But we had to talk about Paris…and I also had to run my pants to the dry cleaners. So we’ll double up this week… Continue reading

We need to talk about: Paris

I’ve been recovering from France for a few weeks now. No more champagne before dinner. No more efficient public transportation. No more gourmet crepe stands on every corner (how are they ALL so perfect?). No more… Continue reading

Showing off your back side at weddings

Is fall the new spring for wedding season? Typically this Wednesday slot is reserved for Midweek Music, but all I can focus on this month is what on earth I am going to wear to three weddings… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Brought To You By My Study Group

It’s another month, which means it’s time for another trend. I actually had this particular item in mind for a while but I wasn’t sure where to go. After all, I have a… Continue reading